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For the past couple of years I’ve been taking a class on OnlineG3 called A History of US.  This is basically a class that covers American history from prehistory to the present day.  We’re using the book series “A History of US” by Joy Hakim, and my new class, History of US 2B, is starting on volume 8.

Since the beginning, a common assignment is to work on a timeline of events stating dates and a sentence or two about what happened there.  So this year I’m going to post my timeline on my blog here and link to it on my class blog.

Personally, I really like the class.  I’ve learned lots of things that I hadn’t known before.  Hopefully you will too!

What a Day!

I just made a new comic!  Here it is:

“My Insane Life #3” by Nathaniel B. (Character Sketches)

It was getting late tonight and I was bored, so I decided to do another Pixton comic. 

Earlier today I went to the Morton Arboretum with my friend.  We had a great time.  There was this hedge maze that we walked through, and when it was time to go we couldn’t find our way back out.  It was pretty tough, but eventually we made it.  When we were done we went inside and got some ice cream.

Awhile later, after getting home from the Arboretum, I had a breakthrough!  I have a game, called Epic Mickey, and I was stuck on this extremely difficult Boss called the Shadow Blot, for awhile.  The Shadow Blot is basically this floating blob of ink that you have to shoot paint thinner at to eventually dissolve him.  It was pretty tough until, finally, this morning, I defeated him.

Currently, I just crashed my space ship into Dark Beauty Castle and I have to get to the top of the main tower.  I’m not sure what will happen next, but it will have to wait until tomorrow.

So, now I’ll let you go.  I’m sorry, once I start talking I can’t really seem to stop. 


I want you to know…  that I’m starting a new series on my blog, Blogster5000, called “I Want You to Know”.

In this new series I will have lots of fun facts, stuff about my pets, sometimes videos I made, and just general stuff I Want You to Know.  The reason I’m doing this is because, if you look at the title of my blog, Blogster5000, you will see that my tagline is “5000 things I want you to know”.  I never really thought about it before, but a couple of minutes ago I decided that I should keep up to my word. 

My goal is to do 5000 of these on my blog, Blogster5000, and when I get done with this series you will know 5000 things!

That’s all for today’s “I Want You to Know”.

In the next couple of weeks we are going to Six Flags.  It’s going to be so awesome.  I’ve been asking to go to this Amusement Park of the Angels forever!  My mom and dad finally said yes just the other night.  They thought they were out of the woods, but oh, were they wrong!  I’ve been asking when exactly we were going to go there since the moment they said yes!  They have yet to give me an answer.

By the way, remember “My Insane Life”?  I introduced that comic series last night.  If you liked the first one, then here’s the second installment straight from its creator.  Click #2 in the Table of Contents.

My Insane Life #2 by Nathaniel B.

Sorry to Keep You Waiting!


I’m sorry I haven’t used the blog in so long.  I’ve had a lot of stuff and I kind of forgot about it.  I plan on using this blog to post movies I make on ZimmerTwins, science videos that I make with my brother, stop-motion animation movies, and pretty much any kind of video I make.  Or maybe cool stuff I find.

A couple of minutes ago I started a new comic book on Pixton.  It’s called “My Insane Life” and I plan on posting in it every day.  Here’s my first comic in the book.  I hope you enjoy!

Here’s the cover of my comic book (click this link).

“My Insane Life” by Nathaniel B. (click this link)

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